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Day 2 - Graphing Data

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Day 2 - Graphing Data


  1. Make a scatter graph (line graph) on A4 graph paper. 

    1. Please graph in pencil (since we ALL make mistakes!)
    2. Please "fill" the graph (either landscape or portrait is fine.)
    3. On each axis:
      1. Keep axis increments uniform (the same)
      2. Label what you are measuring on each axis (height? age?)
      3. Write the units of measurement:  height (months)
  2. Answer the following questions.  Please send your answers in email.

    1. Email to:  reimerj@gsis.sc.kr
    2. Questions:
      1. Do you think height is related to lung volume?  (Answer this question with words like "more, less" or "taller" but do not use numbers.  This is called a "qualitative description."
      2. Explaim why you think height is or is not related to lung volume.  This time explain using data; using measurement that you used for your graph.  (Answer this question with numbers in your answer like "2.3m tall" or "lung capacity of 12.7 L")
      3. If we were to collect information again and re-do this "experiment" what would you change to make it better?  "Better" means, what could you do to collect and show data that might make it more clear

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