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Page history last edited by Jay 8 years, 10 months ago

heart unit


TODAYS class should be a lot of fun.  Students will need their computers today.  On the same counter as the conductivity probes are "EKG" or "ECG" probe sets.  There are only 3 because students will probably benefit by working together to understand how this works.  You may group them in groups of 2 & 3 (there are only five kids). 


EACH student should, by the end of the period, hook up the EKG to themselves and record a 1 minute EKG.  Now students have NEVER done this before so they have the period to figure it out and record their EKGs.

When they have recorded their own EKG they should email it to me as an attachment.  Please have them make the filename AND the subject line of their email the same:  G_EKG_studentname


 We are studying the heart and this is a very practical lab for them to do.  They have studied the EKG a little bit before and we will revisit this again.  Of course this is due by the end of class time.

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