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Collagen and Nails

Page history last edited by Alex 10 years, 7 months ago

AssignmentsCollagen and Nails: by Alex; Collagen and Skin: by_____ ; Collagen and Hair: by _____ ; Elastin and Skin: by ______; Elastin and Hair: by ______


Please answer the following. 

  1. Material:
    1. Explain what your material is.

      Collagen is a group of naturally occuring proteins. It is the main protein of connective tissue.

    2. Where is the material naturally found in animals like you?

      It is found in connective tissue in our bodies (which is almost everywhere), having about 25% to 35% of the whole body protein content.

    3. In commercial products, where is the material obtained from to put into shampoo, etc.? 

      (a) extraction from the biological tissue, by means of diluted organic acids;

      (b) precipitation of collagen by addition of inorganic salts;

      (c) optional gelation with diluted organic acids;

      (d) tangential filtration through membrane of appropriate molecular exclusion (cut-off);

      (e) optional lyophilization of the final solution or gel.  

    4. Images including photographs and diagrams

  2. Describe how molecule changes in humans changes over their lifetime

    The volume of collagen in a human's body increases as the body grows from 88% in childhood to 70% in adult hood. When become an adult, no further changes in volumes occur. Even though there are changes in volume, the dimension of the collagen does not change. So, the collagen demonstrates an age-dependent change in humans. 

  3. Hygiene products
    1. Find names and images of ≥ 3 products which incorporate your product to "improve" appearance.

      ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN HAND & NAIL CREAMElemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream

      NEW! Collagen Protein Nail TreatmentGreat Way Collagen Protein Nail Treatment

      BioSil SKIN HAIR NAILS 60 VEG CAP Collagen GeneratorBioSil Skin Hair Nails 60 VEG CAP Collagen Generator

    2. Explain or show text that describes how product should benefit the consumer

      1. Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream is an intensely hydrating anti-ageing hand and nail cream formulated with powerful anti-oxidants to protect against external factors which dry your hands and cuticles.

      This Pro Collagen Hand and Nail Cream from Elemis is designed to target age spots and sun damage, reduce skin creepiness, strengthen and condition cuticles and nails while re-establishing your skin's moisture barrier. Your hands will be left beautifully smooth and youthful looking, while the silky texture leaves hands with an exceptionally soft and non-greasy after-feel.

      2. Collagen Nail Treatment works within the cell structure of the nails to help them become stronger and more durable.

      3. Template By Froo!… BioSil SKIN HAIR NAILS 60 VEG CAP Collagen Generator… BioSil SKIN HAIR NAILS 60 VEG CAP Collagen Generator… #60 Capsules… Description… Nourish Your Body’s Health and Beauty Proteins Naturally!… The condition of skin, hair, nails, and bones depends on three essential structural proteins: Collagen, Keratin and Elastin…

  4. Science
    1. How does this molecule function to improve appearance of skin/hair/nails? or why can it not do this?
    2. Provide:
      1. description
      2. images
      3. links to sites with more information

        Collagen is an amino acid-rich substance that forms the supporting structure of connective tissues in the body such as skin, bones, teeth and joints.* Since Collagen levels in the skin decrease with age, taking Hydrolyzed Collagen with Vitamin C helps maintain important connective tissues and also supports healthy skin, hair and nails.*


  5. Evaluation
    1. What do you think? 
    2. Evaluate the information you found
    3. Make a personal conclusion, based on the evidence you found and researched.

      I think that inserting collagen to parts of body like hair, skin and nail does help if it is possible for the body to absorb what is applied to your body parts. But when we think of the lotions that helps us feel moisturized, it does help. Collagen is the gelatin product found in our bodies everywhere; usually in connective tissue. It is protein. Protein is found to help with hair and nail. Also collagen increases in our body when we grow, but the substance(dimension) itself does not change. Applying collagen products may help more than not applying anything.


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