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Collagen and Hair

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Collagen and Nails: by Alex

Collagen and Skin: by

Collagen and Hair: by

Elastin and Skin: by

Elastin and Hair: by



Please answer the following. 

  1. Material:
    1. Explain what your material is.
    2. Where is the material naturally found in animals like you?
    3. In commercial products, where is the material obtained from to put into shampoo, etc.?
    4. Images including photographs and diagrams
  2. Describe how molecule changes in humans changes over their lifetime
  3. Hygiene products
    1. Find names and images of ≥ 3 products which incorporate your product to "improve" appearance.
    2. Explain or show text that describes how product should benefit the consumer
  4. Science
    1. How does this molecule function to improve appearance of skin/hair/nails? or why can it not do this?
    2. Provide:
      1. description
      2. images
      3. links to sites with more information
  5. Evaluation
    1. What do you think? 
    2. Evaluate the information you found
    3. Make a personal conclusion, based on the evidence you found and researched.

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