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Endocrine Videos

Page history last edited by Jay 10 years, 6 months ago

Each student find 2 videos online to explain hormones and the endocrine system

  • Please use Youtube, to find a short video that explains 2 of the functions above (one video for each function - so each student must find 2 videos).   When one category has 2 videos then please choose a different category to put videos in. 
  • Place your name and a link (type the title and make it a URL link-see Mr. Reimer's example.) 
  • Due Friday; 11:59 pm



This silly presentation with exaggerated narration gives a comprehensive overview of what hormones are and identifies the name of hormone glands; kind of fun! "Learn the Endocrine System"


How do hormones only affect on organ if they are in the blood?  See "Hormone Specificity" by Encyclopedia Britannica


Further list of Endocrine Glands (II).


Explanation of "control of calcium in the blood".


Feedback method of the endocrine system.


Explanation of bodies response to sugar (glucose) in the blood


Diane found the best video: "The Human Reproductive Cycle"


Endocrine overview:  


4 Functions of hormones: 




4.   Metabolism




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