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Make an Endocrine Game

Page history last edited by Jay 10 years, 6 months ago


There are a number of characteristics shared by "good games."  However, before we try to make the game "good" let's just try to make it "work!"


Most games have:

    • Monopoly-buy and sell (economics)
    • Chess-outmanuever and eliminate your opponent
    • Snakes and Ladders-first to get to the end
  • GOAL
    • How do you win?:  be the first to reach the end (Snakes and ladders), gain 10 points (Settlers of Catan), eliminate the opponent (checkers), capture the king (chess), etc. 
    • Sequence:  There must be a way to determine the order of play
    • Tasks:  Each turn must have specific things to accomplish:  select the next card (Sorry!), move a piece (chess), roll the dice and collect resources and buy and trade
    • Choices:  To be interesting and challening, each turn should require the player to make some choices.
    • Board: Your game should have a board to play on (think Monopoly or Life or Sorry or Setters of Catan).
    • Pieces: to move around the board



  1. Make a draft version of your board (on paper)
  2. Write the rules for your game in a "How to play _____"
  3. Due Tuesday, April 6 at beginning of class.

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